More Psikyo stuff in da house!

RLS has stopped me adding new stuff to my blog for quite a while so it’s all at once I’m afraid. Continuing my harvest of Psikyo arts from Yahoo Auctions Japan, I have received the following since my last post:

First up, and certainly not the most exciting but rare nonetheless, is a Battle K Road manual.

As much as I love all of the Psikyo side scrolls, the earlier releases came with POPs. I managed to snag this Sol Divide POP at a very reasonable price, being the only bidder. It’s in awesome condition too.

Another significant addition to my Psikyo flyer collection, Gunbird 2 flyer in very good condition.

This little curio I bought at the same time as the Gunbird 2 flyer. It’s a promotional flyer by Gamest for Psikyo trading cards. Shame I’ve not seen the cards …

… yet!

The Tengai manual and marquee I bought by mistake: I’d forgotten that I already had it. Doh!
A nice touch from the seller to send two manuals as one has some minor tape damage on the front.

I bought this Dragon Blaze artset as I was missing the vertical character strip. The spare move strip at the bottom is laminated but it has the holo label on it and I’m not sure what to do with it???

To repeat myself, I really love the Psiyko side scrolls. I already have this Taisen Hot Gimmick Kairakuten side scroll framed on the wall but I picked it up for a very good price as there is some significant tape damage to the front. I have a use in mind but I don’t know whether it will work or not. Watch this space!

I got outbid on this Tetris the Absolute the Grand Master 2 Side scroll first time around so was pretty stoked when I won. This will compliment the artset I got in January very nicely indeed. Just a shame I don’t have the game!!!

I found this one on the same shelf as the hens’ teeth and the rocking horse poop! A Gunbarich side scroll. Awesome!!!



テトリス ジ・アブソリュート ザ・グランドマスター2
対戦ホットギミック 快楽天

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