Aero City Underground pt XXI: Paint!

[24th January 2013]

My best mate Richy13 came along a fair few weeks ago and started to paint the cellar for me. He did all of the hard work painting straight onto bare plaster and I’m just posting pics now to steal teh glory having added coat #5 :awe:

Not too shabby, even though I do say so myself :supergrin:

I had a bit of an issue with the sump pump. I unplugged it to paint around the socket and I didn’t plug it back in correctly so no power to the pump for 9 hours. Cellar flooded to about 5mm deep and when I pushed the plug back into the socket, the pump very swiftly cleared the cellar!!!

Unfortunately the outlet pipe became blocked in the process, and the pump ceased to work :'(

This was all discovered at 10pm so every hour for the next 17 hours I bailed out the cellar by carrying 11 gallons of water up stairs in 3 buckets and pouring down the drain. I contacted the guys who installed the pump and they swiftly sourced a replacement pump which I went to collect from deepest Bradford

I returned home and installed the pump but still no joy and it was at this point that I realised that the pipe was blocked. At the suggestion of the guys, I poured some hot water down the pipe to see if the issue was ice blocking the tube. I poured 60 litres of very hot tap water down the pipe from the start which landed in the trap below but on reattaching the pump – still no joy.

I then asked the guys if the outlet for the saniflow could be used instead and they said yes. So a very painful 1.5 hour journey to B&Q across Wakefield (~3 miles) in rush hour allowed me to pick up some plumbing supplies.

Here is the final result; not purdy, but it works!

It is now 11:30pm and I have been awake since 9am yesterday morning when I started the painting above, missed half of my days work – unpaid and probably an arse kicking to come too. Still wired, de-stressing and too tired to sleep:/

I’m now going to cancel the carpet fitting this weekend as the room won’t have dried out enough. That’ll wait until I return from Lanzarote.

BIG up to the guys at TPS who patiently helped me to troubleshoot the problem and didn’t give up until I was sorted. They finished the job nearly four months ago – now that’s customer service!!!



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