Aero City Underground pt XX: slow progress

[16th January 2013]

As the Bank wouldn’t lend me the full amount of the project, I had enough to pay the builder and the rest I have to do as and when I get paid.

Also, focus had moved to the kitchen where I have been spending a fortune finishing a project I started almost three years ago :/

The only thing that has changed in the cellar is that there has been a bit of undercoat on the walls.

I have also since procured a toilet, tap and trap for the sink whenever it arrives which was another costly addition with no apparent progress in the room itself.

I have also bought and received a 1880mm x 1000mm mirror for the wall outside the toilet whcih, again, is expense with no apparent progress in the room.

I have also ordered some 8′ x 4′ 1/8″ Ply sheet to place on the floor so that I can have it carpet tiled last week in January!

So a lot of expenditure but little “visible” progress is the order of the day.



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