A Reet Sackful!!!

My arcade meet in March is very close to my birthday and this year one of the guests very thoughtfully brought me the following:

Since returning from holiday on October this year, the awesomeness of the shopping bag as a gift has increased exponentially! It’s saved me a fortune in plastic bag tax!!!

If like me, you are not familiar with Japanese candy, here are some tasting notes for the sweets pictured.

nom nom nom nom, mmmmmm dark chocolate nom nom nom nom, ooooooh milk chocolate nom nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom, very ni-i-i-ice strawberry cheesecake, nom nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom mmmmmmm more strawberry cheesecake , nom nom nom nom BLEARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Sour lemons!!!




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