More Hot Gimmick 5

By popular demand (well OK, I may have overstated that slightly as one person asked, but hey ho)!!!

Hot Gimmick 5 with 4 wins and punishment scenes.

I won against:

  • [a] Komuci
  • [b] Momoko
  • [a] Grin-Grin
  • [a] Asagi&Moegi

I finally succumbed to the charms of Kokketsu who ruthlessly handed me my ass on a plate, and then my mates arrived for gaming night.

The punishment scenes can be selected with a choice of [a], [b] or [c] = no punishment.  I’ve added the selection in  brackets before the opponents’ names.




—=== BONUS ===—

A single victory and subsequent punishment against [b] Shion.  I was duly dismissed by Komuci.


ホットギミック 5

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