Pana Twin MP-92 supergun Mahjong Pinout

Hi there,

I thought I’d post the Pana Twin Mahjong Pinout in its own post.

Here is the JST-011 pinout which connects to the back of the supergun.  The colours and numbers match the standard Mahjong pinout described here.

This is the complete loom. From left to right, the connectors are:

  1. Mahjong (same as the JAMMA one) 56 pin, 3.96mm / 0.156″ Pitch edge connector.
  2. JST-011 connector
  3. Pana Twin fingerboard

This is the pinout for the Pana Twin fingerboard (pictured above) which connects to the supergun.



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  1. siva

    Great articlе. I am facing a few of these issues as well..


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