Psikyo pcb Conversions

Questions on whether a pcb is genuine or a bootleg or a conversion crop up with staggering frequency.

Since I started with arcade collecting in 2005 I have seen precisely three Psikyo pcb conversions and I have been fortunate enough **cough** **cough** to acquire photo’s of them all. So I thought I’d post the pictures and pepper with a little of my own perspective. I am most certainly happy to be corrected.

First up: Strikers 1945 Part II

This pcb came up for sale on some forums that I frequent; thanks to the vendor for permission to use the photo. The first thing that strikes me (groannnn) is the fact that the pcb is a PS3-V1. All of the conversions I have seen and listed here have used this pcb.

The second thing that is REALLY obvious is the number of flash ROMs. I have not seen any of the games officially released on the PS3-V1 that have all 16 flash ROM locations populated.

The third thing that strikes me (I’m doing this deliberately now) is that the flash ROMs have all had their chip IDs ground off. Official Psikyo releases leave all of the chips unadulterated.

Lastly, it is obvious that all of the ROMs have been removed and manually soldered back into position. The solder work on the flash ROMs is very rough and they have been soldered back into position higgledy piggeldy fashion. I say this for two reasons: first they have been soldered back into position higgledy piggeldy fashion and secondly, people don’t used the phrase higgledy piggeldy enough!!!


Next up: another Strikers 1945 Part II

I recently **cough** acquired this photo from ebay. Note again that the hardware is a PS3-V1.

None of my original JAMMA/MAHJONG Psikyo pcbs have a daughter board (I have at least one of each) so that’s another dead give away coupled with the “DIY” flash ROM soldering attempt. This “design” is the more common type of conversion and if I’m being honest, I’m not sure whether this is a factory conversion or not: I’m probably 70%/30% that this is a bootleg. Also, the uneven cut in the accompanying manual is not in itself evidence of bootlegging but still another dent in the overall impression of the quality and provenance of the item.


I’ve saved the best for last: Dragon Blaze

Bloody awesome photos, don’t you think?

Three or four years ago, This pcb came up for sale on the same forums as the pirst pcb in this post. My best mate Richy13 over at Arcade4Life bought this pcb and I actually had the very good fortune to have a good look at it in person. IIRC the workmanship on this conversion was exceptional which is why I’m in doubt about factory conversions. Richy13 returned the pcb to the vendor as there was an intermittent fault with “snowy” interference on screen otherwise he’d have been happy to keep it.

Note, yet again, PS3-V1 hardware and the incredibly obvious daughter board. This was so well put together that I briefly considered whether this was in fact a prototype but the overall feel just seemed to shout “conversion”.

Massive props to the original vendor who supplied me with these photo’s many years after the pcb was offered for sale, and for the awesome quality of the images.





  1. jazzyzha

    Hi, can you please tell me the value of the most biggest caps (near amps section)? I have a broken pcb (no graphic) of this game. Thanks 😀

    1. AeroCityMayor (Post author)

      No problemo!

      I’ll take a look when I return from vacation.




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