New Arrival: Progear No Arashi

To my shame, I have converted/bootlegged this game four times now and each time a little part of me dies inside. So much so that I couldn’t even play the last one I “made”. The next Progear I got would be a Japanese original. That was about a year ago!!!

I spotted this one on ebay a week or two ago for £349 obo. I contacted the seller and offered £300 shipped and he agreed so long as it was outside ebay. By coincidence, I knew the guy from the various arcade forums I regularly visit so I agreed. He had some last minute jitters about the sale but relented after 24 hours and relieved me of my cash.

The board was delivered last Saturday but I was so massively hung over that I didn’t dare even open the box.

I got to testing tonight and, as with all original Capcom CPS2 acquisitions, I offered up a little prayer to the gods of the arcade before switching on …


One of the games I have wanted an original of since I started in the hobby.




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