New Arrivals: Daraku Tenshi sidescroll & NOS Zero Gunner full artset!

I can’t remember how long I’ve wanted this piece of art. It was a great many years before I could even confirm its existence much less look for one. A few weeks ago I received a private message from the guy that owned the only other one I’ve seen with a link to the auction for this on Yahoo Japan. It was listed in the wrong category and in a place where I would never have found it: probably why I won it for only ¥2,100. Massive thanks to Superpang over at Arcade Otaku.

In the same delivery today I got a NOS full Zero Gunner artset. This is another set that I’ve never seen before and very nice that it came with three sidescrolls. There was a fair bit of competition in the auction for this set.

Again, I’ll get these scanned and uploaded to the site.

Thanks again to Richy13 over at arcade4life and to “the man in Japan”.



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