New Arrival: Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2

I went to visit Mo at VideotronicsUK last night with Richy13 from Arcade4Life. Over the last few months, Mo has imported three containers of Japanese Candy cabs. It was these that we went to see.

We started off at main base in Bradford where Mo has one of each model of cab, New Astro City, Blast City, Lindbergh, New Versus City, New Net City: a Sega fan’s dream. We then had a half hour drive across country, through the snow to his recently acquired unit.

The majority of the cabs have lovely monitors and could be turned into something very nice with little more than a bloody good clean. I was particularly impressed with the flat screen monitors in the Sega New Net City cabs.

Whilst having a look at the cabs, the artwork on one caught my eye: Psikyo’s Tetris tatgm2. After trying many keys in a vain attempt to open the cab, we removed the rear inspection panel to reveal this impressive little lot:

Fortunately, Mo was in selling mood so the deal was done. I add to my collection Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2.



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