Psikyo PS4 pcb Hot Gimmick Mahjong player 2 Pinout

On posting pictures of my Taisen Hot Gimmick Kairakuten kit, someone requested better pictures or the pinout for the player 2 harness pictured here.

The harness plugs into the pcb onto the housings pictured below.

Here is the pinout:

I don’t have a harness for Lode Runner the Dig Fight or Quiz de Idol so I can’t confirm the pinout for them. As they use the JAMMA connector on the PS4 pcb, I would guess that the pinout for these is different.

*** EDIT *** Sorry, brain fart, it was very late at night/early in the morning when I posted the above. As pins 21 – 26 on both sides of the Mahjong harness are not populated, this definitely won’t work on the JAMMA games on this hardware.



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  1. Jamtex

    Thanks, that is most helpful. 🙂


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